Plating Services


Plateco offers customers various plating services, among the services are zinc plating, baking, assembly packaging, trucking services and an assortment of post plating treatments.

Zinc Plating Options:

  • Zinc Barrel
  • Zinc Rack
  • Mechanical Galvanizing
  • Passivating


We offer state of the art zinc plating in;

Alkaline Zinc

  • Exhibits good brightness
  • Good Ductility
  • Good chromate receptivity
  • Provides reliable & consistent coverage


Chloride Zinc

  • Deposits outstanding brightness
  • Plates difficult substrates, (such as castings)
  • Reduces abrasion & wear
  • Improves lubricity
  • Creates a non-toxic surface


Zinc plating is a sacrificial coating used to protect the integrity of fasteners, stampings, or steel parts. Zinc is the most common and economical type of plating. It provides a continuous coating over the entire part and increase the corrosion resistance. In addition, zinc plating prolongs the life of the base metal, improves the aesthetic value and can be used for identification purposes, when combined with colored chromates.

Parts can be plated to any desired thickness. The degree of thickness will offer different levels of protection.


We are able to provide a parts baking service, which allows for the relief of hydrogen embrittlement.

We have a “continuous feed belt” bake oven and also a “batch” bake oven to take care of customer needs where hydrogen embrittlement is a concern.


We offer in-house assembly and packaging services.



Using our own fleet of trucks, we are able to provide pick up & delivery service for our customers, within a 250 mile radius of Reedsburg, Wisconsin.


  • Wisconsin
  • Northern Illinois
  • Eastern Iowa
  • South Eastern Minnesota

Some of the cities & surrounding areas where our trucks currently service customers are:

  • Fond du Lac
  • Green Bay
  • Milwaukee
  • Sheboygan
  • Sturgeon Bay
  • Rockford, IL
  • Twin Cities, MN


Zinc Rack & Barrel Electroplating


Zinc electroplating is a soft, ductile, functional, and sometimes decorative corrosion-resistant finish that protects steel products from red corrosion. Unlike most other commonly used metal finishes, zinc has the ability to protect the substrate even if it has been compromised. The protection is accomplished by a galvanic reaction between the steel substrate and zinc coating. Because steel is more noble than zinc the zinc sacrifices itself to the steel and corrodes before the base metal thereby protecting the steel. The zinc can also be further protected by the addition of a chromate film over the zinc, and even further more by the addition of
a topcoat over the chromate film.

Rack Plating is most often the choice for large, delicate of complex parts. Prior to plating, the parts are evaluated by Plateco’s production engineer so as to provide the most efficient fixturing to the plating rack. This is also a must to ensure optimum plating result.

With the parts fixed to the racks, and thus not subject to damage, the rack plating process provides high-quality plating result. The rack plating process allows for more strict control and can evenly plate even complex parts with intricate contours.

Barrel Plating

Barrel electro plating is an economical bulk process of zinc plating fasteners, and small to mid-size stampings. The part are processes through a series of alkaline cleaners, and acid pickle to remove oil, scale, and light rust prior to applying the zinc coating. Zinc thickness can range from .0001″ to .001″ with most products requiring. .0002″ to .0003″ of zinc. After the zinc coating is applied, the process is capable of applying a wide variety of top coats, sealers, or torque modifiers. Plateco has a large barrel line that allows us to plate larger stampings than most other barrel processes, allowing Plateco to provide competitive pricing of fasteners, and large sized stampings.


All first run parts are routed through Plateco’s Engineering Department. The purchase order/print is reviewed for plating, and packaging requirements. The parts are carefully measured for weight, area, and volume. Rack plated part are evaluated for the most effective process to fixture the parts to the plating rack. Detailed racking instructions are written, and many time photographs are added to the work instructions to allow machine personnel to quickly process customer parts. This pre-planning allows Plateco to prevent errors in processing, and allow for efficient processing of parts.

Plant Capacity Chart

Line Cycle time Max load size Max lbs per day
E1 7.25 min 400 lbs 79,400 lbs
E3 6 min 800 lbs 192,000 lbs
R3 63 sec 200 lbs 274,200 lbs
R2 6.8 min 1100 lbs 232,900 lbs
BB & BB2 60 min 2600 lbs
LB 60 min 675 lbs 16,200 lbs
Bake 60 min 1,666 lbs 40,000 lbs

Mechanical galvanizing

Plateco’s three (3) mechanical galvanizing lines offer the following benefits:

  • There is no need for hydrogen embittlement relief
  • Offers exceptional coating uniformity
  • Provides superb corrosion protection
  • Excellent alternative for “hot dipping”

Post Treatment

Post Plating Treatments outline needs to be provided.


Passivation refers to the process of chemical treatment to stainless steel, for the purpose of removing free irons from the surface.

We passivate in accordance with ATM A967